Homemade EASY Bubblegum Ice Cream Recipe (no maker required!) Happy Ice Cream Month!


38Bubblegum Ice Cream became a favorite of mine when I was 13 years old. Memories come flooding back of Swensen’s Ice Cream Parlor in El Cajon, California and many a hot summer day spent in the air-conditioned ice cream parlor enjoy this delicious treat! Later in college, as an ASL Studies/Deaf Studies Major I did a biographical report in ASL in front of my ASL II class on one of my favorite actors, Deaf actress, Marlee Matlin and I remember smiling when I read that her favorite ice cream is Bubblegum ice cream. 🙂 This recipe is super easy. Enjoy!

4-Ingredient Bubblegum Ice Cream Recipe (No ice cream maker required)

(*Recipe adapted from 2 different recipes, Cookies and Cups blog – 2 ingredient Ice Cream and The Domestic Rebel’s blog – 3 Ingredient Recipe)

2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 dram Lorann-Oils Bubblegum (I bought…

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Why I love VASSAL


Hit To Key

There’s been a bit of discussion about VASSAL in the ASL community, started by this blog post (warning: auto-play music). The central hypothesis of this is that ASL is a social game (to which I agree) and that VASSAL gets in the way of that (to which I disagree very strongly).

I am a digital native. I have been on the internet for about ten years now, I used Twitter before it was cool and IRC greatly helped me overcome my social anxieties.  Some of the people I consider my best friends are people I only know from the Internet.

As my blog might tell you, I don’t only play wargames. I am also a video game afficionado, and I play a lot of World of Tanks, an online game. Back when I still spent more time with that game, I often played with other people I mostly knew from…

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Mr Gove’s idea to teach “English values”


What is England? Is it cricket and churches? TV and Tories? Urbanisation, and capitalism?

What are English values? Fairness and equality? Individualism and privatisation? Help for all, or help yourself? Christian love or Christian Crusades?

England is a complex multicultural society. And the multiculturalism should be embraced as it has so many positives to offer the country. I am not blind to the heinous crimes dictated by certain antiquated but still followed doctrines but a doctrine of promoting nationalist values would be ultimately divisive; “my country has better values than yours”; “you don’t come from my country therefore you’re bad”. Creating an us and them, your values, our values belief system has never historically led to peaceful co-habitation. Addressing values in schools is not though an inherently poor idea, so how can we address this in school?

Teach the young to think critically. Critically engage with what they believe; about what they are told…

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This satire has nothing to do with the Hacking Trial, because it’s set in a hotel!



A well-known hotel in Torquay receives a surprise inspection from Hotel Inspector Justice Saunders

Inspector Saunders: Good  day, are you Mr Andy Fawlty, the owner of this hotel.

ANDY FAWLTY: Maybe, who’s asking?

INSPECTOR SAUNDERS: I am Hotel Inspector Justice Saunders; I’m here to inspect the hotel and if you are honest with me I’m sure this will all be very easy. So, Mr Fawlty would you say you run a tight ship.

ANDY FAWLTY: This is a hotel, not a ship, now who’s the one not being honest.

INSPECTOR SAUNDERS: Please don’t avoid my questions. Do you keep an eye on the goings-on in this hotel.

ANDY FAWLTY: Yes, of course, nothing happens under this roof that I don’t know about.

INSPECTOR SAUNDERS: Even in the hotel rooms?

ANDY FAWLTY: Well, no obviously not there; that’s not my business, but everything else, I know; I see all!


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